Saturday, October 23, 2010

cartoon stick tips and tricks

Here are some stick figure study's i made.
There are some tips to draw a good looking cartoon figure.

I use the following list:
-> first draw the action line.
-> secondly locate the head, hip and feet. (sensors)
-> The elbows and knees should ALWAYS be located in the middle!!!!
This is very important to obtain a realistic cartoon. Don't forget it.
-> Fleshing out the rest of the body.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

character flow

Hello again:

Yesterday I was searching for a new method to find some cool characters for a game.
Suddenly I had the idea to create stains with coffee and try to see shapes in it.

The character has to fight finger print stains on a newspaper world using a fluffy.

In the next 2 photos you can see my workflow.
P.s. NO I'm not crazy ;)

Here are the results of my workflow after editing in photoshop: